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Janneke Stam - Author & Artist


It was finally time to make this website. The stars were in the right position as they say. So let me bid you welcome! To my humble corner of the internet. Here I expose the drawings I make to the harsh gaze of the public eye. It is also where I publish stories that I have written and will write. In general, it is a place to showcase any creative project I am working on. I am happy to have reached a level of confidence and ambition for the creative part of my soul that I now dare to do this. In its current form, this website is meant as a vehicle for self-expression and a creative outlet, and it will be updated whenever I finish something that I want to show the world.

Viewing is free so feel free to look around. You can also follow my instagram page, where I will post previews of my website updates. Thank you for your time and attention and happy browsing.

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